Motivation: Feeling Stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

An ideal life is one where you achieve a perfect balance. It involves complete harmony between work and home, family time and “me-time”, and moves along at a flow which makes you feel relaxed but completely productive. However, as we are all well aware, life tends to me a bit more on the imperfect side, so we simply have to deal with a sometimes overwhelming amount of frustration.  Sometimes when you feel stuck there doesn’t seem to be anyt resource to help you get back on track.  It’s at these moments of revelation that you discover there’s a distinct possiblity that a little self motivation is in order.  Here are 7 easy steps to motivate you and help you to overcome the hurdles that are preventing you from being content.

  1. Give yourself permission to be who you are. Don’t compare yourself to others and understand that you are going to handle things differently than those around you. If you’re constantly comparing your progress to that of others, then you’re going to put a serious damper on your motivation, as there’s always going to be someone who’s a bit further ahead or moves a little faster than you do toward the goal. Focus on what you exel at and use that talent to help you achieve your results more quickly.
  2. Think positive. There is nothing worse for self motivation than negativity. Think positive, and remind yourself that you can do it, whether it be overcoming a divorce or dealing with the loss of your job, there is nothing that can’t be achieved if you simply remember that postivity is key.
  3.  Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s not important if you fall down, it’s crucial, however, that you get back up again. Failure is a natural part of life, so don’t be so afraid of it. Sometimes failure can even teach us something about ourselves that we can use to get through a time of frustration. Therefore, why not use it to your advantage.
  4.  Keep an eye on your goals. Sometimes we can get so caught up with looking at the big picture, that we forget to keep our small goals in mind. If we break things down into smaller, more manageable goals, then reaching the ultimate goal won’t seem so overwhelming.
  5.  Be creative. A little creativity goes a long way. If your stuck and just don’t know how you’re going to get back on track again, then try use some creative problem solving to remedy your current situation. There’s more than one way to look at a dilemma, and usually the most creative way is the one that will achieve the best results.
  6.  Treasure each moment. When you really put things into perspective, the issues you have now might not seem so big, which will allow for you to not feel so frustrated and to overcome whatever obstacles might come your way. Often, truly reassing your priorities can help you breeze right through a period of feeling stuck by reminding you of what really matters in life.
  7.  Treat yourself every once in awhile. There’s nothing wrong with indulging every now and again, and treating yourself is a great way to motivate you through the times that might overwhelm you. Go for a day at the spa or buy a box of chocolates in order to give yourself an incentive for getting back on track.
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