Authentic March Madness – Energize

It is a great feeling to have made to the end of the first quarter of the year. At this point, each one of us has made some progress towards achieving the goals you set earlier   While many people think of basketball when someone mentions March Madness, The Bishop Concept has a different focus.  Our version of March madness is an energizing virtual seminar called Discover Your Authenticity Empowerment.  It will do far more than just entertain you, it will energize you to make changes in your life so you can achieve your goals.


Many people may find their lives in a rut, especially during this time of year.  The winter months may be dragging on, leaving you feeling a little melancholy or blue.  Even though you’ve made some progress, you are still not sure what to do to achieve your goals.


One of the most important things anyone can do to help ensure they are taking steps in the right direction is to become energized and take action.  It is often said that the only way to guarantee you won’t achieve your dreams is to never take any action.


Lisa Bishop, authenticity life empowerment coach and host of Discover Your Authenticity Empowerment Workshops will help people learn to develop their own personal/professional life plan which is the first step to success.  Once you have your goals defined and written down it is much easier to become energized and ready to take action to move you toward achieving them.  One of the things you’ll discover at this seminar is that when energized it is possible to pursue your dreams.  When you acknowledge your gifts and take action it will lead to success.  Even actions which do not work out as hoped will often open up other opportunities to move forward toward your dreams.


As March madness begins, one of the best things that you can endeavor to do is surround yourself with people who add value to your life. This will go a long way in determining your growth as well as how to accomplish your goals.  Here are a few secrets to combat the March Madness, energize you to accomplish your authenticity and improve your productivity.


  1. Be grounded in values you believe in. Having values that you hold deeply enables you to withstand any wave of negativity. In fact, this principle gives you the strength and energy to passionately counter any opposing views. When you are well anchored then you can survive any tide and emerge victorious in the pursuit of your goals.
  2. Take advantage of groups. Switch up your routine a bit. Try something different.  Join a new exercise class or book club. Start a walking club at lunch with co-workers (or strangers)… you never know who you may meet! LOL… Surround yourself with positive people who share like minded interests and your whole disposition will shift, plus you’ll have more energy and a renewed sense of self and motivation.
  3. Avoid engaging in topics that easily provoke doubt and fear. It is important to keep away from topics that are likely to spark criticism. This only serves to rigger negative energy which eventually leaves you drained. My recommendation is to change the subject, gently refrain from participating in the conversation or politely remove yourself from the discussion.  Just take this time to focus on topics that will promote positivity.


So, don’t get caught up with distractions in life.  Let The Bishop Concept energize you to move forward in both your personal and professional dreams today!

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