The Butterfly Effect – Emerge from Your Cocoon

When most of us thinking about energizing ourselves, we tend to think more along the lines of energizing our bodies rather than our spirits. However, one of the most important things we can do to help us reach our full potential is to do just that…energize our spirits and transform ourselves into something more empowered and enlightened than we were before.  Just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, it’s a process, or a metamorphosis. No, transformation doesn’t happen overnight either.  It occurs in stages and requires a lot of thought to carry out, but is well worth all of the time and effort after you’ve finally emerged from your cocoon.  Let’s look at four stages of a butterfly to guide you in your new path of empowerment and enlightenment

Stage 1:      Egg: This is your thought process stage; similar to a seed…nurtured properly it will evolve into the next stage. So go ahead, plant those ideas, write them down…

Stage 2:      Caterpillar: This is the stage where nourishment is required; soak up information; grow exponentially, absorb as much positive energy as you can handle; this is the feeding frenzy.

Stage 3:      Pupa/Transformation: This is the stage where the seeds of your metamorphosis begin to take shape. Much like going through a training period where you’ve worked with a trainer to get into tip top shape, you’ve changed your eating habits, incorporated a rigorous workout routine and you’re beginning to transform your body and your mind into a completely different shape.  The results are not immediate, but require consistency, tenacity and dedication.  Many give up at this stage because they want instant results.

Stage 4:      Adult/Butterfly: This is the stage where you’ve arrived.  Here is where you see the actual results of the previous stages externally.  People who look at you or meet you for the first time will think you’ve always been “evolved” or in “great shape”, let that light shine and spread your wings! You’re a lovely, vibrant beautiful, unique, one of a kind butterfly who has emerged from your cocoon.  Congratulations!  It was well worth the wait… and the rewards are tremendous.

There are a number of ways in which you can trigger the butterfuly effect that will eventually lead to your emergence and, in the process, profoundly effect those around you. They don’t have to be particularly grand acts, as simple and subtle changes are what will most likely prove to the ultimate catalysts.

For instance, there are few things better for the spirit than doing something for others without expecting anything in return, so make it a point to do one good deed a day, whether it be bringing lunch to a sick friend or spending a few hours on a Saturday volunteering at a local homeless shelter. Random acts of kindness can truly awaken your soul and help you to emerge from your cocoon.

Also, why not try giving yourself a makeover, both inside and out. Treat yourself to a day at the spa and enjoy a facial, massage, pedicure, and whatever other treatment you think may help to energize your spirit and body. (If it’s not in the budget, do it yourself at home, invite a few friends for a girls day). Transforming yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put on a load of makeup and redo your wardrobe, it’s more about internal transfomation rather than the external.

Another great idea is to constantly educate yourself by reading at least a chapter of an interesting book every morning or before going to bed. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a self help book or one that makes you reevaluate your life, but just one that teaches you something or makes you think.

If you feel that you’re in need of a bit of energizing, which we all are, to some degree, then there are a variety of simple techniques that you can utilize in order to get started.

  1. Take some time off of work  to unwind for a bit,
  2. practice yoga daily, and
  3. take a few moments each  day to read daily affirmation cards like Authentic Moments to help yourself to emerge from your cocoon and  begin your own personal butterfly effect.

You just might be surprised at how uplifted you feel once you’ve begun your trasnformation, and how much it changes every other part of your life.


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