Power Talk with Cheryl Broussard – Learning to Live Authentically with Lisa Bishop


This week was an incredible journey full of interesting opportunities and unique experiences.  On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 7pm, I had the great fortune to be a guest on Sister CEO PowerTalk with Cheryl Broussard, famed best-selling author and financial guru. This week’s show topic was “Living Authentically with Lisa Bishop“.  I was humbled beyond words and overwhelmed with validation, affirmation and recognition.



The interview was powerful, effortless, easy and heartfelt on so many levels. I appreciate being able to share my gifts with your listeners and mastermind group. Authentic moments are simple, real and resonate when done positively. Tonight, we had several authentic moments… and I thank you, you are a gem whom I will always cherish.



From the wonderful feedback received, it appears we touched the lives of many on the call. My goal is and always will be to deliver a message of motivation and inspiration designed to empower, enlighten and energize.


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Here is the feedback from the show and the host:


Wow!, is how I would describe the Sister CEO PowerTalk with Lisa Bishop we just had on Tuesday. April 24, 2012. It was the absolute most powerful call we have had so far this year.


Lucky for you, we recorded the call so if you missed it you can still hear Lisa’s powerful words of wisdom of living your life authentically.

Those that were on the call could not get enough. And that’s why Lisa, Brenda Knight and myself, are cooking up something special for you, so stay tune.


If you would like to contact Lisa Bishop, please check out her website: www.thebishopconcept.com/blog.  Also, make sure you sign up for her newsletter and resources.


Positive energy is flowing through me in such a profound way right now. I’m thrilled with the outcome and welcome the opportunity to hear from your listeners as well. I love sharing inspiring news… it’s always helpful.

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