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Ask yourself….
• Do you ever hold your opinion inside – and then one day, when you can’t take it any longer, you speak your mind, but by then you’re so upset that comes out all wrong?
• Have you ever been in a discussion where your colleagues were coming to an agreement, but someone in authority then disagreed with the idea, so the whole group changed directions – and then badmouthed the leader after the meeting?
• Do you find yourself getting so caught up in an argument that you forget what you really wanted and just start trying to win? Do people you work with do that?
• Does it sometimes feel unsafe to state your honest opinion because there’s a chance that sharing a differing or unpopular view will come back to haunt you?

The Bishop Concept has heard your request for training that you can use every day. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above and want to learn how to deal with these high-stakes conversations (where opinions vary and emotions run strong) using the skills of the world’s best communicators, attend one of our upcoming 2-day Crucial Conversations classes taking place in a location near you.


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